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Fresh Foods. Fresh Minds.
Fresh Perspectives. 


We aim to make fresh, locally-grown produce accessible and affordable for people throughout the Flint River Region.


Our Goal

Our goal at Flint River Fresh is to support people from diverse backgrounds and make a difference in the communities where they live by providing access to safe, healthy, locally-grown and affordable food for people throughout the Flint River Region. We will accomplish this mission by providing hands-on training, on-the-ground active demonstrations, and outreach and technical assistance with the goal of developing Mini-Community Food Centers.


Community Gardens

Our vision is to take the concept of a community garden to another level. We believe community gardens are not just for food provision. They can also serve as an education tool, teaching residents how to grow their own groceries, teaching students as outdoor classrooms, and providing a safe gathering space for children and neighbors. Additionally, we aim to build community farm stands where people can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.


“Our ultimate goal is to increase access to nutritious, locally-grown food, whether it’s teaching people how to grow it in their backyards or connecting them to local farmers or growers of fresh produce in our region.” 

Fredando "Farmer Fredo" Jackson, Executive Director



Local Farms


We maintain an ongoing partnership with family farms throughout the region to create opportunities to get their crops and products to market via Farm-To-Work, Farm-To-Hospitals, Farm-To-Church, Farm-To-School, and Mobile Farmers Market. We are working to develop the following tools to help these farm partners with the following:  

  • Cash on delivery and/or pick up of their products
  • Marketing of individual farms
  • Transportation from farm to our storage warehouse  
  • Access to local school systems, businesses, hospitals, churches, and individuals
  • Cooler storage space to assure quality control of produce