Increasing Access to fresh produce



Seed to Sanctuary connects urban growers with churches to create an avenue for fresh produce to be grown and distributed in our communities.

We work with churches to distribute fresh produce boxes to communities in food insecure zones on 5th Sundays throughout the year. We help churches with expanding existing church gardens or starting new gardens on church-owned land or property owned by its members. We set up Pop-Up Farm Stands for access to fresh produce during church community events.

Community Farm Stands

Community Farm Stands are a space where families can purchase locally-grown, low-cost produce and engage in our local food system. They are located on the church grounds and operated by individual community leaders with support from FRF.

5th Sunday Fresh Box

Every 5th Sunday, FRF partners with local churches to help distribute pre-made boxes of locally-grown fruits and vegetables to communities throughout Albany, GA. We partner with Albany Housing Authority and City of Albany to locate neighborhoods in food insecure zones with high populations of single-parent homes, individuals with disabilities, and seniors. Here are the remaining 5th Sundays in 2019.

  • June 30th

  • September 29th

  • December 29th

Fresh Gardens

We partner with local area churches to utilize a portion of their land to grow food for our neighbors. We provide a turn key food garden solution providing churches with raised garden beds, healthy soil, seeds, transplants, drip irrigation system, growing guides, and other support to help them grow food for their congregation and community.

Fresh Box Angel 3.jpg

An example of the 5th Sunday Fresh Box distributed by Porterfield United Methodist Church in Summer of 2018.

Fresh Garden 3.jpg

An example of Fresh Garden installation at Victory Tabernacle in Albany, GA.