Community Gardens


Our vision at Flint River Fresh is to take the concept of a community garden to another level. We believe community gardens are not only for food provision, but they can also serve as an education tool, teaching residents how to grow their own groceries, teaching students as outdoor classrooms, and providing a safe gathering space for children and neighbors. 



This three-part food gardening series is offered for free at community partner sites located in communities facing health disparities and food insecurity. The classes cover the basics of starting and caring for a food garden, including sun and soil needs, growing seasons, planting techniques, organic pest control, and composting. The class is unique because it emphasizes participatory, hands-on learning, and students spend half of each class outside working in and observing food gardens. It is offered for free at host sites such as community centers and churches. 

school garden Support & training

We help start and sustain school gardens by connecting parents, teachers, and community members with the training and resources they need in order to establish, use, sustain, and advocate for school gardens.

The Garden To Cafeteria (GTC) program teaches students how to grow and harvest food safely to be used in the school cafeterias on the salad bars and in some cases, in scratch-cooking recipes. This program bridges the gap between harvesting fresh garden produce and adding it to school meals. By partnering with students, community members, teachers, and administrators to develop a Garden to Café program, we can extend the lessons learned in the garden to the school café. The program allows schools to serve healthy, fresh, garden grown foods to students through school meal programs. 


We help start and sustain community gardens by providing education, consultation, and fiscal sponsorship. We work to sustain and secure land for gardens. We assist with creating diverse space for learning and growing.   

We will continue our efforts as we work with more community partners such as:

  • Flint RiverQuarium in the expansion of their Golly Gee Garden 
  • Albany Advocacy Resource Center in the installation of a community garden.


FRESH START PROJECT provides schools, low-income residents and not-for-profit gardens with free gardening materials, including:

  • Vegetable seeds
  • Transplants and compost
  • Fish emulsion & liquefied seaweed 
  • Gardening material
  • Gardening assistance 

In the Spring and Fall, we distribute these materials to the public based on personal income and community of service.