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Grow Your Groceries Workshop Series


Flint River Fresh is thrilled to announce the new “Grow Your Groceries” series – gardening workshops that promises participants of all levels a hands-on experience exploring home food gardening topics such as DIY Raised Beds Construction, Garden Planning, Seeds vs. Transplants, Garden Pests, and more.

Our gardening classes are all about learning solid gardening skills alongside our executive director, Fredando “Farmer Fredo” Jackson. We want to build community, have fun, and make growing your own food super simple!

Workshop Topics

Grow Your Groceries – the Natural Way

An introduction to organic, raised bed food gardening. Come learn how to go from grass to groceries. Farmer Fredo will share his story about how he develops techniques to work with elementary aged students. We’ll talk picking a site, garden bed types, the value of good soil, seasonal varieties, plant spacing, watering, and all the basics.

Propagation & Greenhouses

Get a head start on your spring garden by starting your own seedlings in the winter. Learn how to properly start seeds indoors, maintain and care for seedlings, and even how to build a grow light system.  

Container Gardening

Many people live in environments with little or no space for an in-ground garden. But did you know that you just need one square foot of room to grow up to 16 vegetable plants? We'll teach you how to construct containers out of recycled or cheap materials and learn which plants are the easiest to grow in apartments or indoors.


No one should be afraid of power tools! During this workshop, participants will be able to build different types of raised beds. We will also discuss raised garden bed care and which materials to use, including reusing household items for bed borders. Plus learn how to build a hoop house.


Know which plants and varieties grow well during the spring. Get a hands-on experience in planning out your garden, learn about companion plants, garden tracking, and harvest calendars. We will also touch on organic fertilizers and planting flowers to attract pollinators.


This class teaches participants how to extend the growing season using techniques and tools that enable gardeners to protect their plants from the elements, including row covers, cold frames, hoop houses and greenhouses.  

Pests & Diseases

No matter how hard we try to keep bugs away from our gardens, they always find a way to come back. Learn to identify common pests and diseases in your fall vegetable garden and the homemade or organic remedies that can keep your garden looking great.

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Farmer Fredo presenting at Dothan Nurseries in Dothan, Al.